BROOKFIELD, CT--(June 15, 2007) Doing the right thing often has unforeseen consequences, and when Geometix International informed the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of their discovery that a magnet embedded in one of the the blocks had come lose, the CPSC requested Geometix follow their product safety recall procedure, even though there was no report of any injury with MagneBlocks™. In complying with the CPSC, Geometix International has tried to be proactive ensuring the public's safety, as the market became concerned over the safety of magnetic toy products. The result has been that new, larger, and more specific warning labels have been sent to retailers, and the new recommended age is six and up. Geometix International also conducted further testing on MagneBlocks™, to check on the likelihood of magnets coming loose. It seems that in astronomically rare instances, the glue holding the magnet retaining ring in place could potentially fail, allowing a magnet to come lose - however, the result is that the magnet will immediately 'jump' onto the nearest magnet, making it extremely difficult to remove and place into the mouth.

According to the CPSC, the data is that the magnetic stick products, which have caused over twenty injuries and one death (from a toddler who had swallowed several magnets, pinching the intestines together), while there are no reports that MagneBlocks™ have caused a single injury to date. Apparently, these stick-type products look like candy to young children, and being easy to swallow, the result could be a perforated intestine requiring emergency surgery. Geometix International makes no magnetic stick products, and the blocks are too large for children to swallow. We are now pleased to inform the public that we have complied with the CPSC's voluntary recall program, and that no further action is currently necessary. "MagneBlocks™ continue to have a 100% safety record, one of the safest magnetic construction toy systems on the market, with no reports of any injuries or defects. Should that change, we will inform the public and the CPSC right away. In the meantime, please continue to be aware of the new warning and age labeling requirements. Thank you for your continued support." -
Warren Scott Fentress - President, Geometix International LLC

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