BROOKFIELD, CT--(August 25, 2007) With all the recent news about safety issues with Chinese-made products, including toys, Geometix International wants to remind consumers that MagneBlocks™ still enjoys a 100% safety record. To date, we have not received a single complaint of injury resulting from a failed product. We take this issue very seriously, and want to reinforce our commitment to safety and sound quality control practices. While no product can be designed to never fail, we have yet to hear from any consumers who have had problems with our product. Given the efforts by the CPSC and media outlets to inform the public of the possible dangers from swallowing more than one magnet, we hope that our safety record will continue to be maintained. In the unlikely event of a product failure, we ask that consumers of any Geometix International product notify us immediately so we can take appropriate action. We also want to remind our customers that magnetic toys are recommended for children ages 6 and up, because of the tendency of young children to put items in their mouth. For households who have young children, it is imperative that they be monitored if they come into contact with magnetic toys, and to regularly check to ensure these kinds of products are intact and used appropriately.

Thank you for your vigilance in this matter, and may your children continue to enjoy the diversity of play with MagneBlocks™. Should we encounter any further issues, we will post that information on our website.

Warren Scott Fentress - President, Geometix International LLC

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