The Space

            Space is defined as having 3 dimensions - length l, width w and height h (or x, y and z). If one takes a box, you can multiply l x w x h to define a volume in three dimension, V(l,w,h). This is how we seen the world with a Cartesian coordinate system (see diagram 1).

Diagram 1: 3D space

The Object

            An object such as a box (cube) or ball (sphere) is often called 3D, when in fact they are 4D. But to comply with conventional math principles, we will proceed under current theory. Objects may be defined in terms of the x-y-z coordinate system in 3D space (see diagram 2).

Diagram 2: Objects in 3D space

The Observer

            Like the old adage, "if there's no one to hear it, will a falling tree make a sound?", objects need the context of being observed in order for them to be measured.

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