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MagneBlocks™ Creative Magnetic Construction Playset

MagneBlocks are the leading educational magnetic construction toy that challenges the mind and allows for infinite creativity. It can be used to teach concepts like:

  • Art
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Geometry
  • Geology
  • Problem Solving
  • Symmetry in Nature
  • and much more!


From a choice of eight unique shapes, children of all ages (adults too!) can combine the blocks into many shapes and structures of limitless possibilities, from simple forms like houses and animals, castles, and cars, to complex geometrical shapes, cityscapes and beyond. Able to be combined with other magnetic systems, like the popular "sticks and balls", MagneBlocks contain more magnets per piece, offering many more ways to play. Discover constructions you haven't even imagined as you explore the hours and hours of creative fun and mind-building of MagneBlocks.


The Starfighter Pyramid:

Based upon sacred geometry, MagneBlocks™ demonstrate how nature organizes itself.

MagneBlocks™ contain powerful neodymium magnets that in the unlikely event of coming out, could potentially be swallowed or aspired by young children, causing injury or even death. Although we have never received a complaint or return from our customers from such a product failure, we want to remind parents of the potential risk magnetic toys present to young children.

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