"We LOVE them" - Amy & Rob D, OH

"Much better than a Rubik's Cube" - E Jones, CT

"Speaking as a parent, I think MagneBlocks™ are a wonderful invention" - T LaCava, NH

"What a wonderful teaching tool and fun plaything!" - JW, CT

"A retired 2nd and 3rd grade teacher, a mother of 4 and most important, currently a grandmother of 7 in 3 states (Connecticut, Maine and North
Carolina) - what fun - what opportunity for learning math you are giving kids - and their grandparents, too." - Mary D, CT

"I've long been a fan of magnetic toys, but yours are the most interesting and appropriate that I've seen." - T Kimmel, SC

"I wanted you to know that our nephew received the MagneBlocks™, and he e-mailed me to say they were 'Brilliant' and that you must be a very clever person to come up with them, he loves building things, I think he is going to be an architech when he is older." - Coral Steacy, Sarasota, FL

" The toy has arrived here and my daughter (two +1/2) has taken possession of it completely. She also has a few of the sticks made by Plastwood, and
these two toys go really well with each other. Your thing is really well made, and great fun to play with - I think its bound to be a success." - M Weber, IN

"I think you have a hit on your hands - my child loves your product." - Keith A, CA

"As an ex-teacher and Fine Arts graduate, I think that MagneBlocks™ is a great concept." - S Greenberg, CA


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